For years I have been partnering with different people and creating an ISP, Telecoms from scratch. In all these attempts I always steered away from the business and financial management aspect of the business and primarily concentrated on the technical aspect.  While starting these business I never closed Kewlconcepts my original IT company with some loyal customers. I continued keeping Kewlconcepts as the fallback. Over the years this fallback have come in handy from Development, ISP and Telecoms all failing and me needing to move on. Seamus have had similar experiences with other partners.

So in 2011 Seamus and Me decided to merge our respected business to become SJ Information Technology Professionals. We have therefore take the bull by the horns and simply forced ourselves to build the Financial skills necessary to run the business after the failed attempts from various partners.

SJ Information Technology was a merger of two complimentary companies. Kewlconcepts being a primarily 3rd tier linux Support company. SAO IT Professionals primarily doing 1,2nd tier Windows support. Kewlconcepts had the ability to provide ISP, Telecoms, Networking and Security know how with SAO looking after the client component building and maintaining relationships with clients that might benefit from the services that we are building.

SJITP concequently ended up having experience in ISP Services (Hosting Email, Web, ADSL, Connectivity, etc), Telecoms ( PABX Systems, VOIP), Networking (Installation, Maintenance, Routing, Redundancy), Security (Data Integrity, Firewall and Intrusion detection), Support (End User Client Support), Servers (Both Windows and Linux servers as Filesharing, Email servers, Firewall and DB Servers), High Availability (Failover setup of HA cluster to allow minimum downtime), ERP Systems (Sepcifically Odoo).



One of our primarily philosophies is "Small Business become Large Enterprises" . It is the basis for many of our recomendations.

This philosophy causes a completely new approach to how we plan sell and install IT infrastructure.

Because we believe in small business become bigger we sell to small businesses at the right price. Most experienced IT companies try and target larger business. Leaving small businesses having to deal with inexperienced IT resources. This causes several unnecessary costs for small business. Costs that these small businesses are not even aware of.

SJ Information Technology professional takes the approach that if we build a relationship today with a small business we might not make as much money as with the bigger firm but over time your business will grow and the IT infrastructure with it.

So when we do consulting for smaller businesses we look at the bigger picture. Installing a server today will it last 5 years based on the current growth of the company. What other costs might suddenly creep up in the next 3 years. Do we install the cheapest router with almost no functionality that will need to be replaced in a year as your needs change or do we go for the more expensive option and it lasts for 5 years.

So for small businesses it is about building trust giving the best advice possible even if it means installing something cheaper. So by following this philosophy we achieve a good working relationship allowing your business to grow faster and have more resources available to grow.


Like our Small Business become large enterprises approach. The philosophy that "IT is a an Asset and not an Expense" also have major impact in how we approach IT infrastructure and recommendations.

Unlike many companies we do not consider IT infrastructure as an expense. We know that companies that spend a higher percentage of their income on IT have higher profit margins. This means effectively implementing your IT have a direct impact on your bottom line.

Most IT companies and many companies take the approach that IT is an expense so when evaluating a new IT product it is all about Total Cost Of Ownership. If I buy two products that perform the same function I must find the one with the lowest Total Cost Of Ownership.

There is another approach that we like to use we believe Total Costs of Ownership is just part of the equation. The more important question is what is the Return on Investment. Given the cost of the product how much is it going to save us in other areas. How much more profit is it going to allow us to make.

So SJITP focuses on ROI and we consider COO as just part of the equation. How will the new infrastructure impact your business. How will it impact your employees and your systems. Can we justify it given the ROI.

With ROI we are not following the curve but leading it.